Smart City


Petabytes of data (all processed and stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud) that we collect each year are utilized by “professional users,” ranging from municipalities to large corporations working in utilities, infrastructure, and insurance. A common denominator is their need for better data and information.

Today, our solutions make cities safer, greener, more accessible, and smarter, and help companies make informed decisions based on new and precise data.

What we do

Data capture

Data recording technology, camera systems, and LiDAR scanners

Data visualization

Rich visual data quickly and easily accessible

Information regarding the data

Explore statistical data to create a better and more efficient future

NEOTECH CITY captures and records visual data in public spaces using a specialized patented camera system mounted on our vehicles. Driving at normal speed, this camera creates 360° panoramic images.

recording system

NEOTECH CITY operates globally with vehicles fully equipped with our patented street-level imaging camera and LiDAR sensor. Our system captures high-resolution spherical panoramic images at 360° and geometrically accurate. The integrated LiDAR laser sensors simultaneously capture a point cloud and images.


A powerful cloud-based software automatically processes tens of millions of high-quality panoramic images and point clouds.


To produce images and LiDAR data, we follow the following standardized steps: project preparation, data capture, data processing, quality control, and data publishing.

Project preparation


Advance preparation is essential to ensure that we meet our clients’ expectations as well as for efficient and swift project execution. This preparation includes defining the geographic scope, obtaining authorization, and detailed project planning.

Data capture


The data is captured using a patented recording system mounted on top of each vehicle. The main components of this recording system are the cameras, positioning technology, data processing unit, and LiDAR system. Our vehicles are driven by trained NEOTECH CITY operators. Each vehicle is equipped with a map-based interface showing the recordings and locations of each project. As road segments are covered, their status changes to “captured.” The system also clearly indicates the remaining roads that need to be captured.

Data processing


The powerful cloud-based software automatically processes tens of millions of high-quality panoramic images and point clouds. This ensures sufficient capacity and stability to process annual data volumes ranging from 190,000 to 250,000 miles. Data processing steps: a position is created for each recording location. The system captures five individual images for each recording location. These unique images are “stitched” together to create a GeoCyclorama. NEOTECH CITY takes extreme care in the accurate calculation of GeoCyclorama positions. From the initially calculated locations, multiple adjustments are made to improve relative positioning. The final step is processing the LiDAR data into 3D GeoCycloramas and a LiDAR point cloud file.

Quality control


Quality control is conducted at numerous points during the processing stages. This ensures the highest quality of the final results. This includes calibrating the capture systems, examining image quality both during and after capture, monitoring quality to ensure very clear images, and validating the exact position.

Data publishing and delivery


The data will be published only after the completion of the final processing stages. The information will then be accessible using Street Smart, Cyclomedia’s online web viewer. NEOTECH CITY’s web tools provide you with a vast amount of georeferenced images from the easily accessible database.