Accelerate time to market with high-quality network data.

The telecommunications industry has become increasingly complex, and communications service providers face unprecedented competitive pressures. Service providers often compete for the same customers, both enterprises and consumers, while managing continuous technological innovation and significant investments in next-generation network infrastructure to stay ahead. When implementing the latest and greatest network technologies and high-demand services like FTTH and 5G, a market advantage means faster access to revenue and increased market share – two essential components of CAPEX investment profitability. As a market leader in location intelligence, NEOTECH CITY understands that non-compliant data leads to errors, delays, and unfulfilled contracts, resulting in cost overruns and consumer dissatisfaction. Traditional manual field walks and inspections are costly, time-consuming, and require a large number of human resources – not to mention the risks they pose to personnel – so this approach is inefficient. NEOTECH CITY has developed specialized solutions for service providers that accelerate the capture of real-world network infrastructure data and rapidly transform it into accurate and valuable information that enhances productivity in network planning, engineering, and operations. Our solutions offer three key advantages that fuel digital transformation: improved data quality, reduced costs, and accelerated time to market.

The NEOTECH CITY technologies offer:

Insight – Location information needed for a specific site: context and perspective (e.g., buildings and roads).

Acceleration – Better and better information leads to a better and faster time to market, creating a crucial competitive advantage.

Collaboration – All information and knowledge are directly accessible to all parties involved, providing a coherent and clear visual projection and context of the situation.