Road AI

Road ai

Smart City Technologies SE owns Smart City – Safe City technologies, which can be implemented in all urban and suburban locations, aiding in their planning and development. Our technology offers a simple and efficient way to visualize and manage road quality data. You will find solutions for managing infrastructure in an efficient, simple, and cost-effective manner. Details about road quality for planning and maintenance can be extracted from the RoadAI application. At the same time, the road condition can be determined in three categories: optimal, degraded, and critical. The diagram helps us determine the degree of road deterioration in its depth. Additionally, our technology inventories traffic signs and road markings throughout the processed road network. The system allows for notes to be made during image recording, notes that are later very useful in highlighting major defects.

All recordings are processed in accordance with European regulations for the protection of personal data (anonymization). In conclusion, using our technology, you have the tools needed to identify and plan the necessary work across the entire national road network (streets, highways, national roads, counties). Also, with the help of this technology, we can track how repairs have been carried out, the surface of the repairs, the type of work performed, all directly from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.