Turn anything visible along the roadway corridor into valuable data.

NEOTECH CITY brings the outside world inside, aiding the logistics and transportation sector to measure and analyze routes and locations right from the office. Major benefits include optimizing the logistics chain, cost savings, reliable planning, and increased service levels. Location intelligence optimizes route planning.

Reduce vertical transportation risk with efficient last-mile system and location planning.

Precise and reliable guidance on LAST MILE and location is a necessity in heavy transportation. Vertical transportation can become a risky business without thorough planning, where accurate measurements and analyses have been conducted using updated images with a clear overview. For instance, when positioning a trailer on-site.

Special transport schedules with advanced route planning.

In the world of special transportation, the focus is on route planning. The question is what obstacles are encountered during transport from A to B and what potential issues may arise. For example, problems with bridge height, a lamppost, or a railway crossing with excessive loading, etc. It may also involve a time window in an inner city, making certain routes a dead end.

Optimize distribution transportation with loaded delivery planning.

Three different dimensions come together in distribution transportation. In addition to route planning and LAST MILE planning, delivery planning is also crucial. The ability to determine the surroundings of a delivery point, such as the distance to the public road or accessibility. Having precise data throughout the logistics chain prevents breakdown costs and enables distributors to make analyses based on optimal delivery planning.